Source Solutions

If you manufacture a product, you more than likely produce waste, through both its production and/or its eventual disposal. Applying the principles of Higher and Better Use to the management of waste means keeping molecules “in active service” - not allowing them to be needlessly lost from future productive use, at any stage of the product life-cycle. 

Ideally, “best use” is putting materials back into the same type of product from which they came and this is definitely the starting place for our approach. But more typically, manufacturing waste streams and end-of-life products will be sources of materials for other products and industries.

An Higher and Better Use for waste streams needs to be economically viable, scalable and beneficial to both the supplier and user of them. In other words, waste needs to be “productized”. 

HABU(R)'s knowledge, network and process enables companies and their waste streams to become credible Sources of circulated molecules.

HABU(R)'s Source Solutions are focused on helping manufacturers and brands through some or all of the following steps towards an Higher and Better Use of their waste streams:

Product development and innovation is always an investment. Yet today the achievements of many producers and brands in pursuit of a more sustainable world do not get the recognition they deserve. We think the most powerful element of HABU(R) exists within ourMarketing and Recognition platform.