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HABU(R) Halo - Marketing & Recognition

Many companies already use or claim to use recycled content and other sustainable philosophies in their products. But how much recycled content? Where and what from? How carbon-efficient is their supply chain? And how do they source and incorporate greater amounts or even more sustainable materials into their Host Products? Are they really HABU’ing?

Adopting HABU(R) principles requires thought and effort and is an investment – in time and money - and yet still today so many producers and brands are not getting the recognition they deserve from that investment. This is where the HABU(R) umbrella brand and marketing strategy is designed to help you derive the value and recognition you deserve.

With over 20 years experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies, and integrating sustainability into those strategies, our Marketing and Recognition team is building HABU(R) into a valuable brand recognizing the collective efforts of all involved in the sustainable materials ecosystem.

The name and logo is the centerpiece of the HABU(R) brand. Behind the scenes we are focused on maximizing its presence and visibility. When your customers are aware of HABU(R), they'll be looking for you and your products. The HABU(R) brand is a demand creation tool designed to inspire customers and catalyze sales across B2C and B2B channels.

All members of the HABU(R) Ecosystem are able to license the name, logo and tag line, and tell the many inspirational stories of sustainable resource managment that develop. The license enables direct use of the brand on products, packaging and marketing materials to symbolize your investment and achievements.

HABU(R) invests heavily in digital and physical marketing to ensure continued growth and value of the brand. We will leverage all digital marketing tools and techniques as well as traditional marketing techniques such as trade shows, conferences, and special events.

In all, the primary objective is to grow the HABU(R) brand to recognize and benefit the entire HABU(R) ecosystem in this resource-constrained world.